Vacation to Puerto Rico


It’s my last day here. I thought I would be sad about leaving but I’m feeling so refreshed. Doesn’t mean life won’t be life when I return but I know I’ll be better equipped for it.

I want to do more for myself. I’ve spent so much time expecting others to do for me. Looking for my wife to satisfy my needs. Looking for friends to provide the same levels of care that I do. In the end, I realize I’m the blame. Expectations will lead you to disappointment.


Things I learned to love while in Puerto Rico

  Passionfruit juice

  The beach

  Their culture



  Sustainable architectural design





Puerto Rico is full of beautiful people. People are genuinely happy here. Dogs don’t have leashes and no one is screaming after them. There’s a lot of peace on this island.

I learned here that you are used to seeing what you see by how you are. I learned to see the good in people here. That even though evil does exist, the inherently good in people exists also. I learned that we all desire is joy but sometimes our journey getting there can be misguided. Life is all about choosing perspectives and if you can choose joy, place your blinders on as to not become distracted by someone else’s negativity.


Things I’m taking back from Puerto Rico

  Rare bottle of rum




  Hand-rolled Puerto Rican cigars

  Refined acknowledgement of who I am


I get why people retire here. As a creative who loves texture, there’s so much to take in. Everything is vibrant even when it’s worn down. The city of San Juan and Culebra are both beautiful.

I got questions about how I was able to travel here and enjoy myself. The answer is freelance – it’s a double edged sword. You work your ass off to create opportunities to rest and if you’re not careful, you’ll forget your reasons for having multiple streams of income. I did. I forgot that I wanted a life of peace which was substituted for the life of grinding. I no longer desire to grind anymore.

Sitting on the beach enjoying a nice ribeye, rosemary potatoes, with a cherry chutney, while enjoying fresh passionfruit juice. It’s my last meal here in Puerto Rico. I’ve been enjoying this meal slowly – it’s taken me close to an hour to finish it.


Things I’ve learned about myself

  I’m an empath – I have an ability to relate and feel what others are experiencing, positive or negative

  I refuse to allow people’s perspective of me change what I know about myself.

  I’m still the shit and God is still good.

  I curse too much, tone it down.

  I cant allow myself to live life in the same vain others do.

  Anxiety is for the birds.

  I’m a good man and that’s rare. My father taught me everything I know and degrading myself to the level someone expects me to be in is toxic. I deserve the level of care I exude.

  I’m truly alive in Jesus Christ and no one can define my freedom.


Tip: for a better mojito, clap the mint twice to activate it. Don’t muddle.


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