Substance vs. Intellect

Had a conversation with a friend about the difference between a conversation of substance vs intellect. I told him “I can talk about art and design all day but how does that truly edify US to be better?”

That’s not to say I don’t enjoy those conversations but the issue is imbalance. We spend so much time sharing our intellect in conversations that we don’t see it’s only edifying ourselves. Even worse, it’s false edification that we think is needed to be heard by the other party .

When I started caring more for the people, rather than the work, my conversations changed. I could care less about the awards you’ve won, where you’ve traveled to, what you did. “Things” have become less important as my mind and spirit began yearning for substance. As a creative, when you seek more, your methodology starts to change. You view your work differently. You view the people in your circle differently. How you desire to live changes. In every conversation, you’re looking for something that’s going inspire you to be a better human and do the same for them. Life is too short for all of our encounters to be full of intellect and “things”.

Focus on your people and provide substance to their lives.

Ask yourself:  What am I offering to this person other than what I know and do?


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