Own Monday

Monday is my favorite day of the week. I value Mondays more than any Friday, Saturday, or Sunday. It didn’t always used to be this way though. I had to learn to stop sulking over a day of the week because I had to go back to work or dreaded facing reality again. The truth of the matter is, we waste more time being upset over our “case of the Mondays” than we do pressing through the day.

I had to train my self to LOVE Monday mornings. Now, I use Monday to knock out as much as I can – client work, Skype/phone meetings, consultations, etc. Waking up this morning, it’s easy to be lethargic and annoyed that you have to get back to work. Have you ever noticed how we’ve trained our brain to hate something that’s meant to be a fresh start? Why do we hate something so much thats meant to signify new possibility?

Today is the start of new opportunity. Go to sleep earlier on Sunday, prep and organize the day before, wake up, and kick Monday in the groin! Who wants to live their life groaning about a day you’ll see every single week of your life? Stop that!

It’s time for a new perspective. Monday will no longer be identified as a bad day anymore. From now on, Mondays will be the start of a new beginning; the ability to start over and correct your mistakes from the previous week.

Own this day. You may never see another.

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