No Limits

I grew up in a very different family setting than most black kids. We were a Middle class family. My mother and father were the closest people in my life. They instilled the Christian faith in me. They also instilled the need to create as well.

My father has been a military man, missionary, truck driver, screenwriter, a comic book/graphic novel producer, film producer, a novelist, and a pastor. I imagined looking at what he’d done in his life, what would come of my own. I thought that maybe I would be a filmmaker so I went to film school. I loved to draw, so I started designing. I loved people, so I started mentoring. I loved meat, so I started cooking — you get the point.

I couldn’t figure, with all of these things, what it was I supposed to do with my life. It wasn’t until a few days that I realized, I was supposed to do them all. We as human beings are given many gifts. Who are we to use only one and dispose of the rest? We have tendencies to build ourselves a box to live comfortably in.

Life is full of opportunities to grow and showcase our gifts. We limit ourselves for many reasons whether its laziness or not receiving the push we need. Let this be the year you stop giving yourself boundaries. Get out there and create, it’s what we were born to do.

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