Fail. Learn. Succeed. Repeat.

Fail. Learn. Succeed. Repeat. It’s become my own mantra.

Last year I noticed a pattern of starting things and not finishing. Failure isn’t a topic that people love discussing but its also something that we tend to avoid. We’ll avoid it so hard, that we’ll actually self-sabotage our own endeavors so we never have to see them crash and burn. Failure is so necessary for growth in order to achieve the very things we thought were impossible. Through failure, we learn of our mistakes and carry out our goals.

The American Dream is a dying idea. We believe that if we all excel in school, get into a good college, find a 6-figure job, marry a good spouse, then we’ll have found true success. But, not everyone is built this way. There are some people who make 5-figure incomes and believe that they are successful. There are others who believe that working 20 hours a day as an entrepreneur is success. Success isn’t a one-model formula.

As a creative professional, I want to be the best. My humble pie comes with a small dollop Kanye-inspired whipped cream. My idea of success and the road taken isn’t meant for every other designer, but, thats the beauty of it all. As creatives, we will fall, whether we trip or we face plant – its inevitable. But what we learn from our failures is what makes us great in the long run.

In the end, we must all ask ourselves, “What’s next?”. At the end of one successful goal. We should always be striving for another one.

Enjoy the full journey. Learn to embrace and appreciate failure just as much a see do the successes.

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