Building Your Tribe, Part I

To be obsessed with legacy means to understand your purpose. My goal has always been to help others find theirs as well. Just as much as I’m obsessed with my own purpose, I’m more focused on the legacy of people around me. There’s no room for jealousy here because when one wins, we all celebrate. Find your tribe that you can “chew dirt” and build with. Invest in your people and watch it come back to you.

I’m blessed to have a tight core of people around me. We celebrate and mourn with each other. We invest financially into each other’s lives. We break bread together. We win quietly together. We don’t make a move unless we all know. It’s an open door policy to each other’s homes.

The people you associate with are directly tied to the type of success you will have. There’s no such thing as “self-made”. Any person that claims to be is full of pride  and someone who refuses to acknowledge the people who have invested in their lives – financially, emotionally, intellectually, and spiritually.

Don’t be swayed by “boss” talk.

We all needed guidance.

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